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Autoimmune Disease San Diego

Autoimmune Disease San Diego

Autoimmune diseases are caused as a result of immune reactions against one's tissue. The normal immune process involves fighting foreign or harmful bodies.

But when the immune system cannot correctly differentiate a foreign body from its tissue, a series of problems will arise.

A lot of people are being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in San Diego which is why different medical research has been carried out leading to different treatment approaches.

Conventional medicine has provided effective treatment plans for autoimmune diseases but as it is being discovered, there are a lot of other things that should be considered when treating the disease.

A lot of factors contribute to the occurrence of autoimmune diseases. They may be hormonal, physical, genetic, or even psychological.

Naturopathic Medicine

This is a treatment approach that considers all the factors that may influence a health issue. 

Naturopathic medicine makes use of natural treatments targeted at self-healing. It adopts different therapies that focus both on the physical as well as the mental or emotional health of patients.

It includes therapies such as acupuncture, medicinal plants, exercise, diet, and nutritional consultations. The naturopathic approach and dermatology clinics in San Diego are a very efficient way of treating autoimmune diseases.

How It Works

A lot of time is spent examining patients as a lot of triggers can cause autoimmune diseases. The naturopaths are not only interested in figuring out the disease, they are also particular about the root cause.

This will help in proper and effective treatment. Habits, diet, health history, and a lot of other important health information will be gotten from autoimmune disease tests in San Diego.

When treating autoimmune disease with the naturopathic approach, a lot of emphasis is placed on the following factors: 


Genes play a high role in the overall health of individuals. Some health conditions are genetic and although the genes are powerful, the situation can be managed.

A percentage of San Diego's autoimmune diseases are gotten from genes. One crucial thing to note is that the environment can affect genes.

Naturopath helps patients to better manage environmental conditions that have an impact on their health.

The Immune System 

This is a primary factor considered during San Diego's autoimmune treatment. Naturopaths do not focus on specific medications to treat the problem in the immune system.

Instead, they find out the root cause of problems and educate patients on the different triggers such as diet and how to use a well-balanced combination of nutrients and herbal solutions.


Hormones can contribute to autoimmune disease in San Diego. Over secretion or under secretion of certain hormones can lead to the condition.

A naturopath focuses on hormone health and can make research on how individual hormones affect the entire body system.

The naturopathic approach is individual-specific because different factors can cause autoimmune disease in San Diego. 

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Autoimmune Disease San Diego

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Autoimmune Disease San Diego Autoimmune Disease San Diego Autoimmune Disease San Diego Autoimmune Disease San Diego Autoimmune Disease San Diego
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