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juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa

juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa

The rates of substance abuse among teens in Iowa are on the rise, and parents and caregivers must find effective solutions to support their children. Substance use disorders can lead to dangerous behaviors and long-term consequences that can have a lifelong impact. It is essential to understand the signs of substance use, so you can take appropriate actions to get your child help.

At Ember Recovery, we provide residential teen treatment programs for addictions and mental health issues in Des Moines, IA. Our experienced team of counselors utilizes evidence-based practices to assist adolescents in overcoming their challenges with addiction.


If you notice any warning signs of substance abuse in your child such as changes in behavior or attitudes, skipping school, lying, or mood swings, it is important to seek professional help immediately. A qualified addiction counselor can provide an assessment and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet each teen’s needs.

Treatment should be tailored to the individual’s needs and may include residential treatment programs along with therapy and other evidence-based practices.


Ember Recovery offers innovative solutions for juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa that are designed to help teens heal from their addictions and mental health issues. Our team of counselors specializes in evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and more.

We also have an intensive outpatient program that allows teens to receive the therapeutic help they need without needing to be away from their homes for extended periods of time.


The safety of your teen is paramount when choosing a treatment center. It is important to verify that the facility is accredited by a nationally recognized organization, such as The Joint Commission or CARF International.

Additionally, ask questions about the qualifications and experience of staff members who will be providing care for your child. At Ember Recovery, our team of counselors is licensed and certified in addiction treatment, so you can rest assured that your teen will receive quality care.


Ember Recovery offers a variety of payment options for residential treatment programs tailored to meet the needs of families in Iowa. If your teen’s health plan covers substance abuse treatment services, contact us today at 515-882-5190 to verify insurance coverage. Our friendly staff members are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, so don’t delay—start on the road to recovery today!

If your family has been affected by substance use disorder and you are searching for effective juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa, call Ember Recovery now. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping teens heal and reclaim their lives, so they can have a bright future. Contact us today for more information about our treatment programs and services. ​We look forward to speaking with you soon!

juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa
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juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa
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juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa juvenile drug treatment programs in Iowa
To be sure, inpatient treatment is one of a number of offerings we make available to clients. Our recovery center offers a full continuum of substance abuse care that aims to meet a diversity of treatment needs and life circumstances. Outpatient programs, for example, can serve a supportive role in grounding clients in a longer-term lifestyle of sobriety. Similarly, sober living houses offer a less-structured environment of accountability and support for clients moving out of our residential program and back into the real world.

Typically, however, such interventions are auxiliary to the residential rehab experience. They function more as a side dish in relation to the main entree (residential inpatient treatment), which we believe best serves our clients’ long-term interests — in the form of life-long freedom from addiction. We thus recommend clients follow drug detox at our center with an intensive daily regimen of group and individual therapeutic programming, during which time living in residence within a supportive and protective community is the ideal.

For more information about our inpatient treatment programs, call us today at 1-281-502-8735 and let one of our caring admissions counselors help you with any questions or concerns regarding cost, eligibility and insurance.

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